Introducing Our Queensland-Grown Protea Bouquet

Here at Australian Bouquet Company, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability and supporting local growers in Queensland. Our farm, situated in Kandanga, Qld, reflects our dedication to responsible growing practices and fostering community connections.

Today, we’re thrilled to showcase one of our signature offerings: the Protea – 5 Stem Bouquet, featuring the exquisite Protea Pink Ice variety. As champions of sustainability, we prioritize eco-friendly methods from cultivation to delivery, ensuring our flowers are as fresh as they are beautiful.

Choosing our Protea bouquet means choosing Queensland-grown blooms that celebrate the unique charm of Australian native flora. Queensland’s season is in full swing. The Protea Pink Ice variety, with its vibrant pink hues and intricate textures, epitomises the natural beauty of our region.

By supporting our bouquet, you’re not just bringing home stunning flowers – you’re also supporting local growers and sustainable practices that benefit our environment and community.

Discover the allure of our Queensland-grown Protea bouquet today and experience the beauty of nature, responsibly sourced by the Australian Bouquet Company.